Future Toyota Cars

Future Toyota Models

The creative minds at Toyota are constantly churning out ideas for new and innovative vehicles, which are often revealed as Toyota concept cars long before they are produced. At Prestige Toyota, we’re always eager to learn more about these prototypical vehicles, and when they might make it to our Bergen CountyNew Jersey showroom. With that in mind, we’ve created this page to offer glimpses into some of the future Toyota cars and trucks that are on the horizon. Contact us to find out more about these vehicles, or any of our current Toyota models.


FT-1 Concept

The artfully crafted Toyota FT-1 concept debuted at the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit and immediately captured the hearts and minds of fans and critics alike. Designed by CALTY Design Research from Toyota’s North American Design Branch, the FT-1 is a sign of what’s ahead for the future of Toyota vehicles. Influenced by a long history of sports cars, this concept is a machine built to perform both on and off the track. Many Toyota fans have been calling for a reincarnation of the popular Toyota Supra, which was discontinued in 2002. Is it possible that the FT-1 is here to answer the call? Learn more here!


FC-V Concept

The future of fuel economy may be closer than it appears, and it is no wonder that the creative minds at Toyota are leading the way. With the Toyota FCV concept, the brand will harness the power of hydrogen to produce a vehicle that exudes zero emissions. By emitting only water vapor, the FCV would provide drastically reduced environmental impact when compared to conventional, fossil fuel-powered vehicles … while delivering the same reliable, enjoyable driving experience that you have come to expect from Toyota. Learn more about the next generation of driving here and join us as we move toward a brighter, cleaner future.

Toyota Fun Vii

Fun-Vii Concept

The Fun-Vii is likely a lot further from production than some of the other Toyota concept cars, because it’s so imaginative and futuristic. The entire exterior of the Fun-Vii is an interactive LED display, customizable with an infinite number of colors and designs with a few taps on your smartphone.  The interior is equally ingenious, adjustable to suit the driver’s mood while self-steering in auto-pilot lanes. The proposed powertrain is fully electric, and recharges wirelessly. Click to learn more about the Fun-Vii, Toyota’s car of the future.

With these unique vehicles already introduced and many others sure to come, the future of Toyota certainly looks bright. Prestige Toyota of Ramsey, NJ is thrilled to be a part of the ride, and excited to offer you a look into new designs that could be on their way to our dealership in the coming years. To learn more about these future Toyota models or to inquire about a new or pre-owned vehicle, contact us at (888) 483-0613 today.